St. Anthony Chapel – Sonarbhatt

This little Chapel located in Sonarbhatt Saligao was where the statue of Our Lady of Mae de Deus was kept before carrying her in a solemn procession from Sonarbhatt to the newly constructed church dedicated to the Mother of God. In commemoration of this event there is an annual ‘Serenade’ candle light procession held every year on 25th November from this Chapel to our Church.


St. Cajetan’s Chapel – Arrarim

The Chapel of St. Cajetan at Arrarim is the oldest chapel in Slaigao Built around 1655 and rebuilt in 1907. The feast is celebrated in August.

Santa Anna Chapel – Muddavaddi

This Chapel was inaugrated in 1843. In 1993 the parishioners of Muddavaddi, Tabravaddo, Mollembhatt, and Donvaddo celebrated the 150th Anniversary of the chapel. The Feast of St. Anna which is also known as Moddkeanchem Fest (Famous for pottery sale) is celebrated in July

Our Lady of Rosary Chapel – Grande Morod

The original chapel was built in 1792-93 and rebuilt in 1930. The chapels Feast is Celebrated in the month of October – Month of the Holy Rosary.